Here’s the thing, potential single mothers.

First off, as much as you’ll complain about how men should be more responsible about having sex with women and they should just not have sex if they don’t want a kid, that could just as easily apply to you. You’ll complain that the burden of pregnancy is on you, but it also means the mental stability of your future child, if you decide to go through with the pregnancy, is on you as well. The father, believe it or not, doesn’t really have much control over what you do to an unborn baby when you’re the one physically connected to it.

You have many options of birth control or ways out of parenthood. The father can only wear a condom and hope his partner is being honest when she says she’s on birth control should that condom have been poked before use or even broken during sex. You can take the precious time out of your day to notice your morning sickness and then set aside two minutes out of your busy and probably jobless day to determine whether or not you can stomach going through pregnancy or not. And then whether or not, if you go through pregnancy, you’re okay with putting the baby up for adoption for a stable family that might want to give the child a loving home. And if you decide to keep it, you must realize that should your boyfriend be staying with you when your baby isn’t even a toddler yet, you must realize that somewhere in that baby’s mind, this man will be imprinted on as “Daddy”.

If he’s a good man and you ditch him because playing house with him isn’t fun anymore, your child will be heartbroken and damaged. If he’s a shithole and you leave, your child will be damaged untrusting of any adult male. If you provide no father figure to your child, the child will be aimless and bound to a higher probability of a life filled with crime, drug abuse, and a guarantee to continue the legacy of your bad mistakes in having a child out of wedlock.

Society gives you way more rope than you realize, and that baby’s psyche is far more fragile than you realize. Consider doing something besides hanging other people and your offspring with it.